Name: Antara Avantis

Age: 481

Role: Navigator

Race: Asari

Affiliation: Freelance Mercenary

Physical Appearance: An Asari of average height, a little “soft around the middle,” with dark green eyes and a “normal” Asari skin tone.

History: Antara spent most of her maiden years depriving others of their property. She started with simple embezzlement, but soon came to prefer more direct (and more violent) means. As a mercenary, she took to kidnappings and heist jobs. Later, as a pirate working the trade routes along the Terminus, she learned (and perfected) the use of mass relays for precision jumps. Provided she has an accurate measurement of her ship’s mass, her jumps usually land her within seven hundred thousand kilometers of her desired destination.

This skill was useful for avoiding the customs vessels most governments station near their local mass relay. And when Antara decided to retire from the world of organized crime, she found it to be just as useful for giving cruise passengers a breathtaking view of their destination right out of the relay, no waiting. She’s spent the past seventy-two years working for Silean Cruise Lines, a front company used by Cerulean Sky to launder their funds. When her employers told her who they really were, and offered her such an obscene number of credits for her services, her old mercenary urges were reawakened…