Name: Lysenne Caelis

Age: 648

Role: Secure Communications Tech.

Race: Asari

Affiliation: Freelance Mercenary

Physical Appearance: A well-built, blue-eyed Asari of average height. Has a mass effect (gravitational lens-effect) magnifier implanted in her forehead (23rd century version of reading-glasses).

History: Lysenne isn’t your typical math geek. In her own words, she wasted her youth “selling my beautiful blue ass for cash.” As a prostitute, she spent more than half of her waking hours in bars and night clubs trolling for business and dancing to the latest pop music.

She became fascinated by music, or more precisely, by the interleaved patterns and nonrepeating sequences of musical notes in some songs. She began to think of music as a kind of code; an emotional language based on patterns of sound. It would be centuries before she realized the value of her unusual awareness of hidden and complex patterns.

That realization came centuries later, in 1976. Lysenne was watching an ad for the new Nexus-VI omnitool on her simulstim when her attention was drawn to the strange cadence of the announcer’s voice. She sounded almost as if she were reciting a poem, with the syllables grouped in a nonrepeating pattern constructed from three distinct repeating patterns; the second and third pattern overlapped on the first during the second and third stanzas, respectively. It was beautiful. It was elegant. And it seemed to be synchronized with the changing colored patterns in the background of the ad…

After reviewing a recording of the advertisement, Lysenne contacted the Petalian city police. The date, time, and galactic coordinates she found hidden in the vid led to a major drug bust, and prevented an estimated thirty tons of Minagen X2 from reaching Petalia’s streets. That week, Lysenne’s name made it into the newsvids, and into the awareness of every intelligence agent in Council Space.

Seemingly overnight, the penniless prostitute from Sanves was making a fortune under-the-table, encoding and decoding messages for the Citadel Intelligence Agency. That was almost two hundred years ago. Lysenne is now a successful composer and songwriter for Actaeis Records. Several weeks ago, she was approached by one of her old CIA colleagues, who made her an offer she couldn’t refuse…