Terminus Krogan by SIEGEFAULT II

Age: 854
Class: Battle master
Race: Krogan

Equipment: M-300 Claymore Shotgun, m-77 palldin pistol, krogan heavy armor, m-96 battock heavy rifle

Skills: Good with raw power bitoic tasks, Exceptional soldier surviving many battles through out the centuries

Personality: Bold, aggressive, blunt and always itching for a fight just like any proper Krogran. His brood was one that was born from the people directly hit with the genophage during the krogan rebellions as such he has a socially engrained hatred for salarians and a general dislike for turians (not enough that he won't take a turians job though). Also like many he's given up on Tuchanka and figures since their going to die out anyway he might as well live his life as a true Krogan going from battleground to battleground instead of fighting for a futile existence.

History: For a while he was a battlemaster for his clan, engaging in the endless cycle of clan warfare and fighting over fertile females. Eventually he grew bored of the hopelessness of fighting for something to him and many Krogan wouldn't matter in the end and decided to turn his attention on acquiring personal wealth and experiences. Not being able to leave the planet on his own, he joined the blood pack and served with them for centuries, using his Tuchanka honed skills very effectively on the battlefields across galactic space. He left them on good terms saying he needed to do some solo fighting for a while but if they have a job to throw it his way and he'll work back with them for a discount. So he did just that going from task to task, always something that involved killing and making quite a name for himself in the process (although most people couldn't tell whose who with krogans or cared enough to try). Most recently he's been doing bodyguard work high risk individuals, taking it relatively easy for a moment until he decides to get back into large scale battles and highly dangerous missions again; which being a Krogan could be any day now.