Name: Okellus Silosian

Age: 93

Role: Ground Team Leader/Chief Security Officer

Race: Turian

Affiliation: Personal Friend of the Matriarch

Physical Appearance: Turian male of average height with dull, visibly scratched metallic scutes over charcoal-grey skin. His eyes are silvery-grey, and his red and white clan markings are so faded as to no longer be identifiable (he is essentially “barefaced”).

History: Okellus’ military career was typical for a Palaven-born Turian until fifty-eight years ago, when he met Malinya Phyrentis. He was a newly-minted captain, enjoying a long leave on Nevos before assuming command of the D/3/62nd. She was an Asari businesswoman with a little too much on her mind at the time. He took her mind of business for a while, and she gave him one Hell of a story to tell when he got back to the fleet. And that should have been it…

But Okellus never could forget that Asari matron. And when he returned to Nevos three years later, he found a private aircar waiting for him at the spaceport, courtesy of Ms. Phyrentis. She hadn’t forgotten him, either. They spent two weeks luxuriating on Malinya’s private beach, taking a tour of the star system on Malinya’s private passenger liner, and fitting him for a new dress uniform (made by her personal seamstress) to celebrate his latest promotion. It was the first time Okellus had seen Malinya’s offices from the inside, or met any of her employees. Even then, he suspected there was something not-quite-legal about her line of work.

Okellus continued to see Malinya on-and-off until his retirement from the Turian Fleet in 2152. He used the initial payout from his retirement package (half a year’s pay), along with all of his savings, to buy a little conapt on the outskirts of Astella, a mere 20 miles from Malinya’s place on Sileus Beach. When he went to visit his mistress at the Cerulean Sky offices, he was treated to the same luxury and with the same courtesy he had grown accustomed to all these years. But this time, when he saw Malinya, she wasn’t alone. It turned out that Malinya had been fostering a relationship with the pilot of her personal yacht; an Elcor, no less. She still loved Okellus, or so she said, but over the years, she had “outgrown” him. She preferred more “mature” company these days. But, she was willing to share her attentions, if he would allow her to use his talents..

To his shame, the fear of losing Malinya completely was enough to make Okellus abandon his pride and self-respect. He agreed to train and lead Malinya's private security force in exchange for the “privilege” of being her part-time sex partner. He still had his share of her body, but it was Vartok, he knew, who now owned her heart.