Age: 30
Race: Turian
Class: Engineer

Physical Appearance: Has a lighter skin-tone then most other Turians, with golden/brown eyes. His fringe is sharp and wider at the base, giving him a lowered brow. His mandibles are pronounced, but his right mandible is scarred and broken from a barfight on Omega.

Personality: Revan is an angry, angry person. He is quick to provoke, and sees the world in very bleak terms. He's a chronic alcoholic, which fuels his rage. When he's not drinking, he's very solemn and depressed. He dislikes humans, still harboring bitter animosity over the First Contact war. More so then most because of the untimely deaths of his brother in said war. He's also slightly opportunistic, and will do anything to make money.

Story: Revan was born on Palaven and comes from a terrible and neglectful family. His mother committed suicide when he was an infant, his two brothers were called to fight in the First Contact war shortly after he was born, and his father was an alcoholic and an abusive, frustrated person. Revan was regularly smacked around and at one point his father forced the boy to put his hand on a burning hot stove, which left scars he still has as an adult.

Eventually his father died of alcohol poisoning, and his brothers killed in action. Hearing the news of his brothers dying made Revan bigoted toward humanity, to this day he still regards humans as lower. Revan was moved from institution to institution, always being kicked out for his behavior. By now, he was an angry, angry person who let out his rage on his peers. He was imprisoned at 14 for setting fire to the Headmaster's skycar. He spent a year in a cell before being conscripted into the 43rd Marine corps. at age 15. He always had an issue with authority, but was an excellent soldier. As well as breezing by the exercises, he became an accomplished mechanic who worked on shuttles and frigates.

He saw action on the planet Taetrus, when separatists forces tried overthrowing the Hierarchy. He saw terrible things there, innocent children and women being executed in the streets, people being chained down and set on fire. These things ruined him, changed him. After the conflict Revan began drinking, he found himself addicted to the substance instantly. His bad habit got him discharged from the military, and since then he has been wandering from bar to bar across the Galaxy, looking for his next drink.