Name: Salina T’Pring

Age: 394

Role: Engineer

Race: Asari

Affiliation: Cerulean Sky Employee

Physical Appearance: Very short and slight of build (5’2”, around 100 lbs), has metallic green “sparkles” on her scalp ridges that match her bright green eyes. She is a technology addict, and is often surrounded by virtual holographic displays.

History: Nicknamed “Ardat-Sarati” (“singing devil”) by her coworkers, Salina’s insatiable curiosity and restless nature have made her the very personification of the Human idiom “jack of all trades, master of none.” She has studied everything from Elcor literature to quantum mechanics, though she holds no degree or certificate in any field. Her current interests include psychology and popular fiction, and, of course, tracking and surveillance.

Her uncanny ability to predict a target’s movements and behavior have given her a reputation as something of a modern-day “witch.” In reality, her methods are anything but supernatural. By observing a target’s nonverbal signals (body language, tone of voice, facial expression, speech pattern, etc.) and how the target’s presence changes the behavior of those around him, she can track her victim indirectly, and can usually predict his future movements well enough to be there waiting for him the next time he goes anywhere by himself. Salina’s singsong voice and perpetually cheerful attitude (even while strangling a target to death) earned her her nickname within the company.

Salina has installed her own personal network of cameras and microphones around the crew-spaces of Nelaga's Legacy to record her crewmates' interactions. She intends to use these recordings, along with extensive written notes, as source material for an adventure novel she wants to write about her journey beyoned the Perseus Veil.